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Everyone wants their house was cozy and comfortable. This can be achieved, if only to think through all the details of the interior to the smallest detail, beginning with the ceiling and ending with the floor. Italian carpets - that will help to create the desired atmosphere of comfort. After all, who wants to walk barefoot on the cold solid floor? Another thing - a soft and warm carpet, which will not only be your favorite "fluffy friend", but also a universal decor item. Despite the fact that the homeland of these useful products is the Orient, Italian carpets are valued for their quality and beautiful look, they are by no means inferior to the famous Persian carpets. This décor item is the oldest woven material made from yarn, which was originally used for both warming and decorative purposes. Carpets from Italy are unlikely to be confused with the products of other manufacturers. Сonsumers liked this product, first of all, thanks to their unique design and resistance to wear. Their colors, themes of drawings and shapes are so diverse that it will be difficult to not find a suitable option. Elite carpets from Italy not only successfully complement the interior of your home but also emphasize the high financial position of its owner, his status.

The manufacturer will offer a wide selection of Italian carpets from natural materials, such as wool, leather, fabric. Round or oval models, among other things, will help to visually divide the room into zones. A small round rug, for example, can be put in front of the sofa in the living room.

Carpets from Italy will be offered to you by the best factories in Italy. It is worth noting that the carpet - a universal product, it can be placed almost in any room. Traditionally, they are mainly used in the living room, bedroom, hallway. Often the halls, the steps in hotels are also decorated with long and narrow carpeting.

Italian carpets have gained popularity for a long time.

Buy Italian carpets in Dubai without fear for their authenticity, you can in the center of the interior furnishings - Luxury Antonovich Design. Our site offers a wide range of quality products from leading European manufacturers. Buying a carpet from us, you can be confident - it will not only be an exquisite decoration in the interior of your house but also will serve you for many years, remaining as beautiful as if you bought it only yesterday.

Italian carpets are a symbol of prosperity!

If in the Middle Ages carpets were made to cover floors in rooms in the castle, in order to make flooring warmer, when walking on it, and to hang them on walls, thus preventing drafts and covering secret passages. For modern man, of course, carpets need for completely another purposes. Being a luxurious addition to the decor, decoration of the floor and walls, as well as an element that emphasizes the merits of furniture, Italian carpets at the same time play a purely practical role - they perfectly suppress noise. In order to you could choose precisely that carpet from the catalog which you like, we offer the big assortment of products.
Carpets with nap and without it on which it will be desirable to look and is pleasant to walk barefoot.

Exclusive silk carpets and soft thick carpets made of sheep's wool.

Multicolored and covered with patterns and ornaments carpets of cotton and linen, as well as exotic bamboo fiber. Carpets round and rectangular, rugs for kitchen and living room, for a country house and a comfortable city apartment.

Order the Italian carpet in Luxury Antonovich Design right now! Make yourself a nice gift and at the same time confirm your high status!

In an elegant, expensive living room simply must be present can carpet on the floor. The same applies to the bedroom, home office, not to mention hotel rooms or restaurant VIP-cabins. And it is unlikely that the owner of an elite real estate, or the owner of a country house, wants to see constantly substandard, ordinary and banal carpets and carpets that present in most other houses. It is quite another matter when the Persian natural handmade carpets laid on the bedroom floor, or the beautiful Italian carpets on the floor all around the house, and the tapestries adorn the walls. This can not but delight the visitors and express their respect for the taste of the owners of the house. And because, we, in the salon Luxury Antonovich Design, ourselves are connoisseurs of beauty, then we choose for customers exclusively elite carpets from Italy. This carpets from the best manufacturers - it's so unique and luxury carpetings, that more beautiful products you can not find even in the Orient. When talking about exclusivity and quality of carpets, Italy comes first. Carpets from Italy are so different in their characteristics and beauty from the carpets of other manufacturers that they can not be confused with any others. One look at these products is enough to desire emerged to immediately buy expensive beautiful carpets brought from the eternal country with the eternal capital. Luxury Antonovich Design is only the sale and delivery of carpets to order. The production of carpets takes place on the territory of Italy, which allows manufacturers to control the quality of the product to the very last thread. But in the UAE, it is here that you can buy handmade carpet, or order a unique woven tapestry. Buy these things in any other store will cost significantly more if you even find such original things on the territory of our country.

Although, the city in which we deliver directly from Italy elite carpets - Dubai, yet our services can be used by residents of other Emirates. All those who need carpets in Dubai can call us and order delivery.

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