Interior Design Baltimore, Maryland

  • If you are a demanding customer concerning beauty, functionality, and safety of your private space — home or apartment — but there is no clear understanding of how to achieve all of this, then we invite you to a consultation with a professional designer. We will help to translate your ideas and desires into the real image and the necessary steps to its embodiment will be defined. 
  • If you are the owner of a bar or beauty salon, we will help create a friendly space, customers will want to return again and again where. 
  • If you are a professional decorator or architect, then by consulting with our best designers — you can make your future interior even more cozy and effective. 

The development of a detailed design project will allow you to see your future interior already at the design stage, and detailed construction documentation will simplify the process of implementing our plans as much as possible. All stages of construction are accompanied from our side by the designer's supervision. 

We cooperate with leading companies engaged in the production of furniture, decoration materials, appliances, lamps, accessories, etc. Also at our disposal are highly skilled artists and craftsmen who are ready to execute any decorative artwork, forging, stained-glass windows, monumental painting and stucco work by our sketches, and also curtains design. 

     Interior Design 

  • We help to emphasize for your personality 
  • You get rid of problems associated 
  • Maintenance of the project from the beginning to the end 
  • Saving on materials 
  • Saving your time 

     Estimate of materials and furniture for the project 

  • Furniture 
  • Decoration Materials 
  • Sanitary equipment 
  • Fixtures 
  • Accessories 

     Construction work 

  • High-class experienced staff 
  • Guarantee of the quality of all work done 
  • Advantageous purchases in our partners 

     Designer's supervision 

  • Control over the process of work on the design project (regular visits to the site) 
  • Adjustment of the working documentation 
  • Consulting in the selection of finishing materials and interior items 

     Express consultation 

  • Help in choosing a style of interior solution 
  • Creating options for planning solutions 
  • Functional zoning of space 
  • Recommendations for creating lighting accents 
  • We help the client in the selection of materials and furniture