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Dining Room Interior Design in Calgary (Canada)

Do you want to decorate the dining room so that it would be nice to spend quiet family dinners and gatherings with friends? Then, the interior must be well planned. But you do not have to do it on your own. The Luxury Antonovich Design Studio's designers will develop for you the interior of the dining room, which you have always dreamed of - comfortable and stylish. In addition, our design will be affordable, because we always optimize the cost of implementing the project under the capabilities of the customer. 

Interior design of the dining room: features and options 

For breakfasts, lunches, and dinners it is not always possible to allocate a whole room. Therefore, the dining room can be: 

  •      Separate room; 
  •      Separate zone in the kitchen (kitchen-dining room); 
  •      A special zone in the living room; 
  •      Part of the studio apartment. 

In each of these cases, you have to use different solutions to provide the dining room with the necessary functionality and coziness. But there are general requirements for this zone: 

The required element of the interior is a dining table. Its size is selected based on the total area of the room and the number of people who usually dine together. It is worth making and a small stock of "seats" in the case of reception of visitors. 

The dining room design can be very diverse. But it is important not to overdo it with bright colors and decorative elements. The dining room should not be so bright and memorable, as cozy. The unsuitable environment can irritate both in the morning, during an early breakfast, and in the evening when tired household members have supper.   


Our advantages: 

  • We create together with the customer 
  • We provide the construction team 
  • Provide detailed cost estimate 
  • Create customized solutions 
  • Optimize the cost of work 
  • We work with trusted suppliers 
  • We guarantee timely implementation 

Stages of work: 

  • 1. You make an application 
  • 2. We meet 
  • 3. We visit the object 
  • 4. Create a sketch 
  • 5. We visualize 
  • 6. Create drawings 
  • 7. Operation control 
  • 8. We decorate 
  • 9. You rejoice