Interior design companies Phoenix

What interior design companies do? Creation of an exclusive interior design, designed according to modern technologies, qualitatively and on time. 

Each of us is a unique person who has his own preferences and habits. The same remains the desire for a comfortable life and beautiful housing. If you want to for sure get the most result, you need to take the services of interior design companies. 

The Luxury Antonovich Design is an authoritative and modern company engaged in the design and decoration of interiors for houses, apartments, offices, bars, restaurants etc. Take the company services if you are interested in the development and designing of bright, interesting, and most importantly — practical ideas for interior design. 

Why should the interior design be entrusted to us? 

  • In the segment of the development of exclusive interior design projects, we have been working for 15 years; 
  • any wish of the client will be carefully listened and taken into account; 
  • the professional skills of designers in the field of design, decoration, visualization give a guarantee of the desired result; 
  • the work is done as accurately and quickly as possible; 
  • we have an adequate price for services; 
  • we work exclusively within the limits approved by the client and do not violate it; 
  • the design project has a warranty.  

Interior design development is a matter of several necessary actions: 

  • drawing up a technical assignment, which will necessarily consider all the wishes of the customer; 
  • the development of the general concept for the interior, in accordance with which the layout, color design, and other stylistic solutions will be carried out; 
  • at the visualization stage, the future interior is introduced with the help of graphics software; 
  • a specification. Based on the design concept and layout, estimates are made, as well as the purchase of necessary building materials take place; 
  • designer's supervision. Each client of the company has the right to control the correctness of the work. 

How much does it cost? 

  • The specific price for interior design by commercial interior design companies depends on a number of factors, among which the main: 
  • the scope of work, as well as the number of materials, used; 
  • quality of materials used; 
  • features of planning, the area of premises. 

Order an exclusive interior design in the Luxury Antonovich Design! 

Interested in creating a comfortable environment in your home? Looking for interior design companies near me? Simply write to us or contact our designer by phone. We will answer any questions and assist with the choice. If you liked the preliminary concept, we will offer to conclude a contract. After that, the designers will start to work. 

Be confident that in the company Luxury Antonovich Design you will be offered a lot of options for creating unusual, interesting and colorful design options. Contact to get information, find out the approximate cost of work and translate into reality the cherished dreams of a comfortable life!