Berkeley, California

Architectural design Berkeley, California

The Luxury Antonovich Design main activity is architectural design. 

Architectural design is a complex and long process of creative and technical development of the building plan. First, the land site is checked, the correct location of the building is determined on this site, the style is chosen and the costs for the construction and design are calculated. 

We design country houses, cottages, business centers, office premises and public buildings, and also carry out designer and technical supervision. We will develop a unique exclusive interior project for you. 

Architectural Workshop — the company employs certified architects and designers. Our team of architects, artists, and engineers, works on the edge of modern design technologies, so the objects we built are not only beautiful and comfortable but, above all, durable. 

  • The main specialization of the Luxury Antonovich Design in developing projects for individual construction. 
  • Residential houses (residences, mansions, cottages). 
  • Pools year-round use 
  • Design of facades (complex decoration). 
  • Interior Design. 

The experience of teamwork is more than 14 years. Architects, designers, and engineers will develop project documentation for the individual conditions. 

  •      The head of the company is Katrina Antonovich. 
  •      We believe that there are five components for creating a truly unique architectural project: 

Constant communication with the customer 

  • Turning a project into a work of art 
  • Full integration of all stages of work 
  • Professionalism and responsibility 
  • The efficiency of the architectural design process and accuracy in work 

Communication with the customer is the basis of a successful project. We listen to you to make sure that your expectations satisfied. The process of construction requires a partnership between you, us and the contractor. Clear, honest and frequent communication is the key to the successful implementation of the project. We work with you throughout the design process. We do our best to help you make informed decisions. 

The architectural firm Luxury Antonovich Design is proud to be able to create projects at the best world quality standards. We are able to combine the best of technologies and materials. The main thing for us is to adapt to the needs of the client.