Nashville, Tennessee

Interior Design Studio Nashville, Tennessee

Interior design today is necessary for urban apartments and country houses, commercial real estate. The interior design by the Luxury Antonovich Design Studio offers a full range of interior design services anywhere in the world. 

Interior Design Services Nashville, Tennessee

It is not enough to draw a beautiful picture with a luxurious decoration of the room, unusual details of the decor. It is important to transfer the image into reality. Interior design solves the problem of how to realize the most original interior ideas. 

Studio of luxury interior design provides a variety of services: 

  • Creates an exclusive interior design of cottages, modern apartments, mansions, offices, etc; 
  • Design studio of interiors of premium class designs exclusive furniture for mansions and elite boutiques; 
  • The designer especially for a specific customer individually, luxuriously decorates the living room or bedroom; 
  • The development of a design project for a barber shop, a huge supermarket, an office, a restaurant will be original. The aesthetics of the interior will be combined with functionality; 
  • Creating a three-dimensional computer model gives a realistic picture of the appearance of the room. 

Why choose Luxury Antonovich Design 

Companies and individuals who prefer an individual approach to work dealing with our architectural and interior design studio. The reputation of the architectural company is made up of a number of conditions: 

  • Long-term activities in the field of design; 
  • Hundreds of successfully implemented projects; 
  • Turnkey services - the development of a design project, construction is carried out with the participation of the author of the project; 
  • A good market price; 
  • Using in the landscape and interior design of natural stone, precious wood, forged elements, glass, bricks and ceramic products; 
  • Active use of manual work and handmade in decorating walls, furniture manufacturing, and decoration. 
  • We guarantee   
  • Professionalism      
  • Architects have extensive experience in project implementation 
  • Creation of spaces taking into account ergonomic norms 
  • All projects comply with state standards  

  • Customer Confidence 
  • Online access to the progress of work and documentation 
  • The terms, cost and other obligations are fixed in the contract 
  •  Discount for materials and furniture 
  •  You can count on support even after the end of the project  
  •  Best technologies  
  • We give preference to natural materials 
  • We know where the raw materials for the products are taken, how they are made and how they behave in operation 
  • Architectural solutions with cost savings without loss of quality 
  • We provide designer's supervision and project support from the sketch to the end 
  • Creative ideas  
  • Experiments with planning 
  • Optical illusions for space modeling 
  • Elements of landscape design in interior decoration 
  • Unusual color and light solutions 
  • The modern approach to interior design