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What's Next For Modern Furniture Design?


It is so easy to make a mistake in the selection of furniture for the interior: just one item can destroy the harmony of the whole space. To help you understand furniture trends, Luxury Antonovich Design will explain to you the “rules” of modern and fashionable interiors.

The trend towards luxury and wealth is obvious when it comes to comfortable upholstered furniture — sofas, armchairs and ottomans — they are all large, soft, as if enveloping the body with velour and its rounded shapes. Designers of our company usually combine such models with marble cladding, glass structures and metal surfaces imitating brass, copper, silver or gold. Natural shades and texture are in fashion. Definitely metal hardware becomes more interesting and sculptural than in the past.


The main trend that has captivated the current interior design industry is mass customization. Design is not for anyone, but for every one. Luxury Antonovich Design designers reflect on an eclectic interior — a mix of styles and stylistics best expresses the personality and its addictions. We ignore overly vibrant trends, and instead personalize interiors that help owners to show their emotions.

Technological innovations are becoming especially acute: multifunctional devices, home robots, household appliances with Internet access. Ceiling lights, kettles and refrigerators are controlled from a smartphone. Kitchens in modern houses by Luxury Antonovich Design resemble professional sites of chefs — both in terms of technology and the quality of materials and finishes. Our interiors are becoming more extravagant — contrasting prints and ornaments, a powerful mix of different styles and times, vintage and retro ... We work on the image and take care of your home as an exhibition hall, where your life and your hobbies are “displayed”.

Today, geometry rules. But classic small evenly repeating patterns go away, and they are replaced by more bold, large and asymmetric forms. Furniture products of extraordinary forms will certainly attract the attention of guests and will look interesting in any room. As an example of the direction, you can bring shelves in the form of polygons or flooring in the form of carpets with triangular multi-colored symbols — accenting multi-colored carpets of interesting shapes with expressive graphics. The more abstract the picture, the better.

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