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Stylish Modern Hotel Exterior Design


Modern exterior design from Luxury Antonovich Design Company is a work requiring a highly artistic approach and incredible professionalism. Creating an exterior design of a modern hotel is assigned to recreate the look of the place, make it pleasant to the eye and harmoniously combined with the environment. When performing exterior design work, our experts take into account many factors — landscape features, style selection, and think over every small detail, according to wishes and aspirations of the client. When choosing the design of the exterior of the building, it all depends on the type and purpose.
The creative process of giving individuality to the exterior of a country hotel is in many ways different from working on a cottage. In this case, it is necessary to give originality to the appearance, fit-out and decoration of the building, taking into consideration the preferences of guests and their number; arrange recreation areas, lay out the paths, design landscaping.


The architecture of the modern hotel, located in a picturesque place, has a small number of floors, and its overall exterior composition does not suppress and does not diminish the surrounding nature. The play of light and shadow created by Luxury Antonovich Design emphasizes the compositional features of the hotel in modern style, giving it a more picturesque look. The building is well illuminated with perimeter searchlights and lighting installations, built into the facade walls.

Modern exterior design from Luxury Antonovich Design has various tendencies: on the one hand, the desire to maximally saturate the exterior with technical devices, special equipment, on the other — make it closer to nature, inclusion of natural components — greenery, fragments of the relief, the use of natural building materials — glass, wood, natural stones — marble and granite.

Luxury Antonovich Design specialists can help you organize the outer look of your hotel — create convenient car entrances and pedestrian paths, plan the arrangement of the site, the watering and lighting system and, of course, will give a unique, stylish and modern appearance.
In addition to organizing the appearance of the building and the site, our specialists will correctly plan communications and technical systems, make them work properly and perform their functions as efficiently as possible, in accordance with the created exterior design. Experts of our company have extensive experience in both the design and technical side of the issue.

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