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Refined Kitchen Interior Design in Art Deco Style


Art deco kitchen is the embodiment of person demanding for luxury, elegance and wealth. This style is familiar with the movie “The Great Gatsby”, since it appeared in the post-war period when people needed to raise their spirits and moods. This kitchen is suitable for people who value luxury, shine and gloss in the interior, without negating the importance of its practicality. It combines the features of classic, modern, Mediterranean motifs, elements of Eastern and African cultures.

The luxurious kitchen interior in art deco style by Luxury Antonovich Design implies a big place where is enough space for sophisticated and beautiful textiles and decor, elegant fit-out and furniture. That is why, the most striking art deco style is realized in this spacious kitchen with kitchen island combined with the bar counter, and with big picture window.


Stylistic characteristic features that are observed in the kitchen design from Luxury Antonovich Design are:

The interior of the kitchen from Luxury Antonovich Design uses a natural combination of colors — beige, sandy in combination with white and gray — in marble counter top of working areas, and natural materials, which makes it elite and expensive. Such an interior is a sign of success, elegance and chooseness. Valuable wood, marble, ivory elements, natural leather are the materials used in this beautiful interior design. The built-in furniture in the kitchen is made of precious wood with glass inserts, the bar counter is equipped with elegant bar stools with delicate azure upholstery.

An important role in creating the style of the kitchen is played by mirrors — large, elegantly decorated, they are used for fit-out of the walls, expanding and complicating the interior space. The ceiling from Luxury Antonovich Design is a suitable place for the implementation of the principle of gradation and multilevel. In its decoration there are complex borders, and the center above the kitchen island is decorated with a gypsum ceiling panel with honeycomb patterns that can be also traced in the floor fit-out. The floor, in turn, is decorated with marble of several colors and geometric shapes with gold trim. The windows and doors in the kitchen underline the idea of being chosen, exclusive, so our designers chose the best doors of valuable breed with gilded fittings that add shine and gloss to the space.

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