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Sophisticated Classic Dining Room Design in Las Vegas


In every modern private house, cottage or apartment of elegant luxury level there should be a dining room. It is the place where people traditionally receive guests for treats, celebrate special occasions, various celebrations, holidays, and just have breakfast, lunch and dinner. In this project, a separate spacious room is allocated for the dining room, which emphasizes the material viability and high status of homeowners.

The classic dining room style from Luxury Antonovich Design USA is bright and stately at the same time. It attracts attention, makes the interior festive and solemn, but still cozy. It is pleasantly to be in such a room, it gives a feeling of luxury, wisdom, and peace at the same time. The classic dining room by our talented designers and architects brought together the basic elements, the principles of decoration, which made it harmonious and comfortable.


Each house, like a person, is unique and individual. It has its own energy, its character and temper. Accordingly, it should have its own unique, original interior design, including the dining room. In order to create a warm, family atmosphere, the interior of this room from Luxury Antonovich Design USA is made in calm, warm, delicate tones using bright, rich contrasts, represented by emerald color in soft upholstery of chairs and textiles in the form of beautiful elegant curtains with hooks and decorated with gold tassels. The interior of the dining room is made in classic style, where the console looks great as a fireplace, candlesticks, silverware, and dishes made from expensive finest porcelain bring palatial taste.

The skillful fit-out of the ceiling from Luxury Antonovich Design USA is designed in such a way that it creates a smooth transition between the gilded stucco molding and the central part of the room. This allowed us to create a spatial illusion; the ceiling seemed to be raised above the walls. A chandelier is a must-have item in this beautiful interior design of dining room. Our designers have chosen a stylistic chandelier and sconce with a large number of small crystals and gilded elements. They scatter the sunlight around the room and give it a warm mood. For the living room in classic style was chosen calm color palette. The walls are calm monochromatic cream color and decorated with wooden panels. The abundance of small decorative carved and gilded elements makes them look very elegant.

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