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Modern Style Bedroom Interior Design in Boston


Design of bedroom interior plays an important and key role in the design of the entire house, and helps to create a harmonious environment for good rest and relaxation, taking care of your comfortable and peaceful sleep. What is a modern bedroom? This is a place where you can relax, gain strength by moving away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Creating modern design of the bedroom, Luxury Antonovich Design USA specialists try to find a balance between new fit-out materials, fashionable solutions and areas that will be relevant for many years. The design of this project is a modern bedroom based on the combination between minimalist ideas and high functionality of the room.

A modern style bedroom made by our talented designers of Luxury Antonovich Design Company attracts attention with its refinement, smooth lines, and plastic forms. An interesting combination of materials (metal, glass, stone, wood and fabrics) and an unlimited number of color solutions make it possible to choose an option for modern bedroom individually.


The beige color scheme presented in the interior of this bedroom from Luxury Antonovich Design USA differs in a variety of shades — from milky to coffee. Each of them makes the bedroom special, invariably cozy, warm and calm. For those who like experimentation, our designers have chosen a combination of beige tones with contrasting colors presented in upholstery of soft wall panels, furniture and textile decor. Bright elements in the bedroom of modern style are necessary for the revitalization of pastel wall panels and light marble flooring. The presence of color paintings, textiles and accessories add color and save the room from excessive severity.

The heart of the bedroom is the bed. The decoration of the bed is chosen with particular elegance. This incredible piece of furniture attracts attention in the bedroom interior. A bed with a soft headboard is an indispensable element of the bedroom, providing a comfortable and cozy place to rest and sleep — the perfect choice for lovers of elegance and comfort.

The most logical is the location of the sofa in a sitting area of the bedroom, by the window. As a result of this planning, Luxury Antonovich Design USA got not only a place for rest and private conversations, but also a comfortable reading area. In the daytime there is enough natural light, and the upholstery of the sofa perfectly matches the textile framing of the window in soft sand color.

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