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Respectable Interior With Leather Furniture

Luxury Antonovich Design: leather furniture — expensive and fashionable!

Leather furniture is popular because of its durability and simple care. In addition, such furnishings are versatile — they are bought for the living room, office, study or even for relaxing on the outdoor terrace. Now almost every manufacturer offers sofas and armchairs with both genuine and artificial leather. But the choice in favor of a product requires special care, because the sofa is bought not for a day or two, but for years. So what should you know to choose the right leather furniture?

Leather Furniture Benefits

The main advantages of leather furniture include:

— respectability;

— functionality;

— dust resistance;

— moisture resistance.

Beautiful leather furniture by Luxury Antonovich Design will tell a lot about its owner. Such things give the interior some solidity and testify to the welfare of the home or office. Our furniture is often chosen for executive offices and important business people. Although this furniture is no less popular in the lounge areas of offices and living rooms — due to the fact that it is easy to clean and resistant to external factors.

How To Choose Leather Furniture?

Pay attention to the manufacturer — it is better to give preference to professional and successful furniture companies and manufacturers that have already earned positive consumer feedback.

Luxury Antonovich Design Company is an energetic and modern enterprise capable of responding to changing furniture market conditions and feeling fashion. The Luxury Antonovich Design approach to leather furniture production is primarily characterized by the ability to combine ancient craft traditions with the introduction of new technologies in the production process. Know-how and rich experience help the factory to constantly improve the quality and improve its products.

Leather is considered here not just as a working material, but as an artist's palette, with the help of which the ideas that have arisen are realized. The best raw materials are selected on international markets and then processed at local tanneries, guaranteeing consistent quality materials. Despite the huge leap of industrial technology, in recent years, the atmosphere of a real craft workshop is still felt here. This is the soul of the factory. We are convinced that this is the only way to create a genuine decent product. In addition to first-class leather sofas, Luxury Antonovich Design manufactures chairs, armchairs, beds, as well as home accessories and other furniture.

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