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Modern Sconces: All Styles and Designs Available


Proper lighting in the house is a key to comfort and convenience of life. Modern sconces are small-sized lighting fixtures that are located where you need to add additional lighting to help the main one. It can be near the bed, so that it is convenient to read before bedtime, in the nursery, in the hallway, living room, in the kitchen near the work surface, etc.

Designer sconces by Luxury Antonovich Design Company perfectly perform the decorative function of creating comfort, are convenient to use and practically do not occupy the space, which is often so lacking. A sconce is a great option for a room with a low ceiling. They create uniform lighting, making the room visually larger.

What to look for when choosing a sconce for different rooms:

— in a bathroom the sconce must be moisture resistant and guarantee bright cold light, pay attention to our models that are built into the mirror;

— in a hallway the power of the lamp should be maximum to make it convenient for you to apply makeup or style your hair;

— in a children's room a wall lamp must be safe and durable so that the child could not get hurt, — it is better to choose simple models, without many decorative elements;

— in a bedroom, the quality of light should be high, without flickering, because the sconce is used for comfortable reading, but at the same time not too bright so as not to disturb loved ones;

— kitchen uses spotlights or sconces, limiting and highlighting the workspace.


In order for the wall lamp to fit harmoniously into the room, Luxury Antonovich Design designers advise to choose the right style:

Stylish sconces have become very popular in USA. After all, not everyone likes dimensional table lamps, but the sconces are small and neat, easily mounted on the wall.

The choice of original sconces in the online store from Luxury Antonovich Design is so wide that anyone can choose a model suitable for your home and interior. If you decide to buy a stylish sconce, then be sure to pay attention not only to its purpose, but also to how much the sconce will fit into the interior.

The sconces on sale will not leave indifferent both lovers of simplicity of forms and minimalism, and admirers of luxury and sophistication. You can buy the products you are interested in our online store at the most affordable prices.

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