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What a pleasing and satisfying thing is a welcoming and well-finished house, a living place which reflects the style of the house owner by the choice of colors, shapes, textures and lines. All this is displayed using the knowledge of exterior design — the process of creating the outer appearance of your house. Everything matters: the dimension, details and contrasts. The Luxury Antanovich Desicg Company possesses all the professional qualifications required for creation a perfect design for your future house. Our team will choose the right design concept according to all the specifics of location, landscape features and climatic conditions of surrounding area.

We value and handle with respect to terrific power of architectural elements that create a beautiful facade of the house. When it comes to creating an exterior of the house knowledge of structural engineering is necessary, it is performed by our best architects who create environments.


Luxury Antonovich Design Company is leader in innovative exterior design approach and we know that every architectural detail is important in designing the facade of the house:

— Siding.

— Roofing.

— Trim.

— Exterior doors and windows.

— Landscaping.

— Recreational facilities.

— Sidewalks and parking lots.

— Maintenance.

These are foundational elements, when applied correctly, they produce perfect results, and create an attractive exterior of the house which reflects your kind of person and the place where you live. The exterior will display the interior you have chosen to apply in your house. We always choose the combination of strength and aesthetics.

Everything must be in harmony — from the look of facade to localization of additional constructions and surrounding landscape. If to exclude the decorative component of the house facade, it has to meet all the functional and technical requirements — be durable, frost-resistant, moisture and fire-resistant, to withstand mechanical stress and provide thermal insulation. That is why our company uses only the most high-quality technichs and expensive building and decorative materials. We select front furnish, considering peculiarities of construction at a design stage.

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