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Luxury Exterior Design in Miami

Luxury Exterior Design in Miami 

We always believe that the Exterior Design of every House is reflecting on the lifestyle and status of the family which is living and staying there. That is why the Luxury Antonovich Design Team is always making sure to provide all the best solution and bringing out the most unique and stylish design every Exterior design that has to be created. The Luxury Antonovich Design Team has been recently extended the head office in the USA that results of having the higher volume of demand for the Architectural, Exterior, and Interior design services. Our main goal is to always bring out the world-class techniques to every Exterior design in Miami.

Stages of Work in Creating the most Effective Exterior Design

Development of conception of Exterior Design. It includes the development of Exterior project and the development of a documentation package in compliance with the project.

Conceptual design. We provide variants that illustrate the principles of volumetric and spatial and color organization of each space of the Villa.

Documentation package includes detailed layouts, elevations plans of Landscape arrangement (the list may be extended depending on the desires of the Client as well as specification of materials recommended for implementation of the project.

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