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The Living room interior design has inclusive definitions and numerous types of style. That is why when it comes to architecture and interior design Companies, living room interior design is one of the most exciting topics to talk about. Aside from the fact that the living room is one of the significant areas of every residential interior design. Living rooms are the common area that is being used to entertain guests and visitors. That is why interior design luxury living rooms usually have the highest requirement for internal design settings.

Living rooms also promote a warm togetherness for the family, as everyone is spending most of their free time together in the living rooms.

In this article, the world’s renowned architecture and interior design company – Luxury Antonovich Design has finally shared the most recent design with inspirational living room ideas that will surely suit different concepts. Developing living room interior design requires systematic procedures which need to be conducted with systematic planning. Accomplishing the planning stage will always lead to achieving the most functional and balance interior design setting. Even the interior design has spacious or limited spaces, or whatever the concept design requirement, the living room will be accomplished into the most desirable interior setting. Thru the correct planning and executions, every living room will be perfectly utilized, achieving the highest level of success and satisfaction towards the owner/client.



1. Shabby Chic

It has a feminine touch of elegance that comes with great pink being combined with the earth tones. It is sometimes being decorated with floral prints and natural plants for a more refreshing mood. Luxury Antonovich Design has introduced a modern version of shabby chic living room interior design by enhancing the feminine style with a great combination of metallic gold and incredible lighting.

2. Eclectic

Is an artistic form of interior designing wherein different forms of creative furniture and decorations are combined to achieve a perfect form of style and sophistication. Diverse living rooms also have the most classy and aesthetic design perfection.

Luxury Living Room

This is one of the famous design service expertise of Luxury Antonovich Design. As the team specialized luxury furniture set up, that features fancy decorations and accessories. Luxury Living rooms are usually being implemented in luxury villas, elite mansions, palaces, tc.

Victorian Style

Also known as classic living rooms, has the most expensive and elegant interior design requirement. A classical / Victorian living room is usually composed of customized furniture design, lightings, chandeliers, and carpets with extra huge size or very luxurious design.

Breath Taking Living Room

Features an out-of-this-world decor set up that makes a breathtaking grandeur. One of the best examples is setting up an extra huge aquarium as the living room main features with different real aquatic life and structures. Setting up a fascinating aquarium in the living room will create deep relaxation and be the best entertainment source.


Neutral hues will never go out of style, as it has been the best choice for every modern living room interior design. Contemporary style is one of the most in-demand concept designs for the living room as it also features some traditional decoration setup.

Luxurious Neutrals

With the most delicate form elegance, a neutral living room interior design is well decorated with the most elegant touches. Luxury Antonovich Design always performs the most effective interior design techniques by combining fancy accents and decorating to avoid plain and bland results.

Traditional Style

With a touch of classical interior mood, the classic living room interior design is often being decorated with different types of harmonious musical instruments. It contributes a fascinating attraction towards the interior setting at the same time promotes natural entertainment during small events in the house.

Modern Style

It features a minimalist design resulting in a functional and spacious interior setting. Modern-style living rooms are being filled with the most trendy and classy decorations that create a very attractive look.

Spacious Living Room

To maximize the spaces for the home interior, owners are often being required to have a spacious living room area which usually occupies the house lobby or main entrance area. Performing a meticulous space planning procedure will always be a key to achieve the perfect balance in style and decoration setting.

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