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Interior Doors — Main Trends and Selection Advice


Luxury Antonovich Design Company is one of the leaders in the door manufacturing market. Choosing us, you can be sure of the quality of products, because in our production only environmentally friendly materials are used in combination with innovative technologies.

Modern doors by Luxury Antonovich design are made in accordance with the style and emphasize the modern character of the collection. Usually, our interior doors in modern style are bought by people who like custom combinations and experiments. The doors of this collection are characterized by numerous decorative elements that effectively combine with wood.


Our doors are a vivid example of the synthesis of bold design solutions, modern technologies and many years of experience in working with wood, glass and metal. We combined wood, glass, metal, sandblasting technology together and got a new class of interior doors. They have no analogues in the market of interior doors and radically expand the familiar perception of this interior detail. From a purely functional element of separating one room from another, we turned them into a work of art.

Doors by Luxury Antonovich design have some features that distinguish them from the rest:

And are made of such materials:

— metal

— wood;

— glass;

— plastic;

— skin;

— aluminum.

The presence of glass elements gives the image of the door lightness, and light colors — some airiness. Such a product will fit into any interior — office, living room of apartment or hall of a large country house. Such doors are characterized by motives of functionality, asceticism, and ergonomic achievements. In their appearance, such doors are very concise, contain a minimum of details, while all the elements are as practical and functional as possible, there is nothing superfluous.

An office or living room decorated with doors by Luxury Antonovich Design will look elegant and cozy, modern and luxurious. We have a wide selection of door models on our site and in our furniture showroom with a completely different design, noble tones, beautiful shapes that even a sophisticated consumer will definitely like.

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