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Home Office Design in Miami

Home Office Design with full of Luxury and Style

Everyone would love having a Home office. Aside from the fact that it will give an extra convenient working on the own place. It also helps to avoid overtime at the office as it can be continuously done in the house. Office Interior Design usually has the dominant style having a very smart looking style. The Luxury Antonovich Design Team has been creatively done this interior design for the Home office full of class and elegance, at the same time is not to make it look boring. So the Team has come up with the idea to do it with full effort implementing a unique design solution for the office. Since that this home office has a very spacious area, it has become a great advantage for the team to maximize the space to make it look luxurious and full of style. The furniture’s and materials that have been used is made up of premium class and some are custom made. A very nice chandelier has been completed the ceiling design scheme which is perfectly matched with the wall lamps surrounded the full office. The walls are designed with wooden type materials same as the door.

Design and Project Development include:

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