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Landscape Solutions in California

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The Luxury Antonovich Design Team has been continuously being on top with the international market of Architectural and Interior Design. As part of the set of successful projects that has been completely implemented and develop international, the entire Team has been continuously being inspired creating wonderful Architectural and Interior Design for the International and Local Client. The Team assures to deliver exceptional results towards every project.  With its very professional and skilled team, The Luxury Antonovich design is the best provider for the complete solution. And so the Luxury Antonovich Design Team is proudly presenting this Beautiful Landscape Design in California.

Wonderful Landscape Design in California

This Villa has a modern style concept with full of class and glamorous outdoor decorations. Since that the California has a very nice weather, It becomes a great advantage for the entire team to be more playful and creative in designing this Landscape. This Landscape has a very nice swimming pool design with a complete decoration of stylish and modern materials. The Team managed to use a natural plant installed on the wall with an over flowing man made waterfall. A set of poll chairs has been arranged along the area. A very relaxing outdoor sitting area has been arranged on one side of the landscape area wherein, the family, friends and visitors can enjoy having an outdoor meal with a perfect ambience of the entire area. This Landscape design absolutely having an absolute Landscape design as it has been completed with the use of the natural local plants, grass and trees. This Landscape design also has a very spacious and convenient parking space that brings an extra comfort for the owner and its visitors.

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