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Trend refers to fashion and style which is being composed of different colors, shapes, and materials. You read it right! In this modern-day of living, different modes of a fashion statement, luxury brands are being implemented in different structures of architecture and interior design. The previous year may do a lot of changes in the circulation of the entire nation, due to the global pandemic. Most of the industries and businesses international did major adjustments just to cope up with the international health crisis. With that regard, every individuals and family also had some changes of views in life that also affects their lifestyle and regular activities. The industry of architecture and interior design had to remain standing strong to be able to continue the circulation of the rebuilding of the global economy and business. When it comes to home decorating, there are was indeed a very huge chance that comes up. And today, Functionality and efficiency is the best definition for the latest trend in home decorating.


From redecorating interior design, renovations, and even with full project implementation, clients are now after with a more functional and efficient home design. In fact, most of the property owners are requiring having a well-designed home office and studying area. Most of the classes are being conducted thru online studies. And due to very strict health protocols happened internationally, offices and different companies have started to embrace work from home operations. On the other hand, families have started to have a chance to spend more time at home with the family. From there, most of the property/homeowners have also started to appreciate the beauty of their homes. With that, they have started to realize and notice the areas in the house that needs some changes. From the very minor repairing or redecorating up to major renovations and refurbishments. Indeed, the previous year did a lot of changes with the circulation of the entire nation. In this article, let us get to know how the global pandemic has switched the flow of interior design and architecture industry, As the Luxury Antonovich Design has shared important design inspirations and a new line of decorating ideas in developing residential projects.

Performing a functional and efficient home interior design doesn’t necessarily mean that style can be compromised

There is such an interior design concept that is being performed with such amazing interior design development and fit-out works. That is why consulting the best company that has the ability to perform a functional and efficient home interior design at the same time is featuring the most amazing interior design solutions that will bring out the most fascinating interior setting according to every design detail which is being required in the project and its owner. Luxury Antonovich Design has shared some of its latest masterpieces that feature the latest trends and amazing decorating ideas representing different sets of major areas of home interior design.


Minimalist interior design

Home Office interior design can turn into a more personalized mood as the owner could decorate it with their personal collections, favorite books, and even awards achieved. The home office could actually turn into a great personalized masterpiece, as it has been the favorite area in the house where different forms of art are being placed, such as paintings, sculptures, and amazing photographs. Others might prefer a minimalist home office interior design. However, it is still advisable to have a consistent interior design setting although the house. Luxury Antonovich Design has performed a very functional and stylish home office interior design, having a sleek uniqueness in texture and style towards the entire interior setting. Luxury Antonovich Design team has selected the best furniture design with the most comfortable compositions and materials for the perfect convenience even in prolonged working hours.

The latest trend in bedroom interior design

The Pantone color of Ultimate grey and illuminating has been the color of the year for 2021. With the greatest touch of glam and elegance, Luxury Antonovich design has executed an amazing bedroom interior design using an ultimate grey for the major part and furniture of the bedroom. The greyish-themed bedroom is being highlighted by illuminating decorations and bedroom accessories such as the magnificent chandelier with gold and crystal bits materials. There are a different set of gold and light yellowing highlights all over the bedroom that creates a perfect balance in style and coziness. Following the Pantone color of the year 2021, this bedroom is definitely the best inspirational design for a trendy interior setting.

How to decorate your dining room with the latest trend and style?

Achieve a very pleasant and stylish dining room interior design having the latest trend in furniture and decorations. Luxury Antonovich Design team has managed to perform amazing fit-out developments toward a modern dining room interior design. Plains and white hues as the base create a very refreshing mood. Indeed the gold and white interior design theme is one of the latest trends in interior designing. And to make it more playful and stylish, there are special accents and decorations are being features, especially for furniture design selections.

Inspiring decoration ideas for luxury kitchen interior

The kitchen is the heart of every home, this is where meals are being prepared. That is why among the major areas of home interiors, Kitchens are being required to be the most functional and spacious. Indeed, the kitchen is also very challenging to develop, as there is most of the specific requirement that is concerning the joinery works. Luxury Antonovich Design has its in-house joinery team which has been very expert when it comes to kitchen joinery and cabinetry. Another important stage in developing kitchen interior design is choosing the best lighting design, arranging it properly will surely create the finest mood towards the kitchen interior. Every kitchen interior design will surely be accomplished with the most functional and inspiring kitchen decoration with aesthetic perfection.

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