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Classic style in the interior Katrina Antonovich

Classic style in the interior  

Beauty, the warmth of home comfort, family history, and aristocracy is all classic style in the interior. Its standards become a bit softer and more democratic over the years. Classic becomes even more beautiful, giving the opportunity to improvise and create real masterpieces. Today, the classical style can be combined with Baroque, Rococo, Empire, and English style into one piece. Such bright accents open new ways of this direction of art in interior design. The Luxury Antonovich Design team for the years of work has formed its recognizable style in the creation of classical interiors. Today, more than 80% of our customers choose a classic style for their homes and apartments. This is one of the best ways to reflect the prestige and respectability of the interior. 

Proceeding from the above, we have formed our interpretation of the classical style in the interior, which reflects the main trends in accordance with today trends. 

Basic features of the classic style 

Colors in the classic style interior 

The color palette in the classic style is the moment that is most variable from year to year. And it's wonderful! It's great that you can improvise and create classic interiors with fashionable accents. There are colors that for centuries remain relevant for this stylistic trend. These are noble shades of blue, ruby accents, silver, bronze and gold. But every year different variations are added to them. For example, in 2018, pastel shades popular, such as sand, ash pink, soft green, etc. These trends can be easily tracked by watching new collections of fabrics and furniture. 


Lighting in classic style interior — this is the point by which designers express the depth and versatility of the elements of decoration. It is lighting that is most affected today by the new technologies. If one hundred years ago it was possible to use only traditional chandeliers, sconces, and candles. Then today the LED backlighting is often used. With the help of additional lighting accents, interior designers achieve a completely new perception of the interior. The play of light and shade on the stucco decor makes it deeper and more beautiful, and the lines of illumination around the panel with artistic painting will make the picture more voluminous and expressive. Today, panels from natural onyx are very popular, both for the decor of walls and floors. And with the help of lighting of furniture interior designers achieve effects of lightness and airiness. 

Appliances in the classic interior 

This moment more and more influences the creation of interiors. Modern technology allows you to bring the feeling of comfort to an absolute level. Lush curtains in the classical style can be moved using remote control. Smart systems in luxury interiors today is obligatory. Sometimes, to preserve the charm of the palace and some old traditions, the interior designer has to improvise. So, a modern plasma panel is framed in a carved wooden frame to fit into the classic living room. A new trend, which further simplified this task, is the use of such newest gadget as mirrors-TVs. In this case, such a technique merges with space, revealing modern TV only when it is turned on. 

Who chooses the classic style 

Classic style in the interior for centuries does not change its main principles. This is a sign of prestige, aristocracy, and respectability. The classic style is chosen by whom who can afford the very best. Those who have a very fine understanding of beauty. Those who cherish family traditions and strive to preserve them forever. After all, decorating a house in classic style means to preserve the history for future generations. 

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