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Modern classic in interior design

Modern classic  

Classic style in the modern world called the modern classic. And we immediately want to emphasize that we share such concepts as modern classic and neoclassic in our work. The modern classic is true to its canons of restraint and austerity, and the modern classic, on the contrary, has become an opportunity to bring novelty to the concepts we are familiar with and to fill the interiors with completely new emotions. Modern classics in the interior is an expression of the fullness of life and the maximum of emotions. If the classic style is palace styles, then modern classic is very friendly to such styles as Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Oriental style and Provence. Such a seemingly contrasting mix of styles is perfectly harmonious if the additional styles act only as accents, helping to set the right mood and the right emotions  

The main features of the modern classic in the interior  

Decor materials for the interior in the style of modern classic  

The basis for such a great popularity of the style is the democratic choice of decor materials. For the decor of the floors, almost everything is suitable, from marble, onyx and precious wood to artificial stone and modern floor coverings. The focus is on comfort and the ideal reflection of the design concept chosen. 

For the decoration of walls in modern classic are very popular all kinds of decor panels. Modern technologies of processing materials and lighting allow creating each time unique variants. 

Concerning choice textile and fabrics, there is a trend that remained from the classic style. Fabrics are made very carefully, mostly natural. The rule of combining curtains and furniture also remains.  


The choice of hues for the interior is one more fine moment for the designer where it is possible to improvise. If the classic style is more strict and restrained, then in the interiors of the modern classic we most sensitively track the fashion trends in colors. From bright purple, black, red, blue to soft pearly or snow-white. Perhaps, modern classic is a style that flushes all boundaries and limitations in terms of choosing colors. These moments help to emphasize styles like Art Deco and Art Nouveau.  

Lighting in the modern classic style  

Modern technologies please us with incredible opportunities to create unique beauty accents in the interior of any style. And again we want to emphasize your attention that it is the modern classic style allows harmoniously fit into the interior a magnificent chandelier in the style of Art Deco and modern spotlights. And if you add to this the lighting of floors, decor panels and furniture, the result will be the opportunity to always create unique solutions.  

Appliances in the modern classic interior 

Whatever style we are talking about, intellectual comfort remains one of the main trends today. Modern classic. Here we focus on the word “modern”. In the interiors, we are actively integrating the most modern household appliances, whether it is a kitchen or a living room. In this stylistic direction, there is no need to hide carefully modern gadgets. They become not only convenient and comfortable moments but also stylish accents in the interior.  

Who chooses modern classic  

Definitely fans of this interesting style are people who are very open to everything new and unusual. The modern classic is chosen by those who perceive life as a holiday and an opportunity to discover something new every day. This is the style of optimists and creative persons. 

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