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4 Tips to Design Your Eco-Friendly Interior


Ecological style in interior has always attracted designers. Environmental design has emerged as a response to mass production, harmful to the environment and inattentive to the needs of a real person. Today it's a powerful trend in interior design. Today, eco-friendly is one of the most sought after. It is in the ecological environment that a person can truly take a break from the bustle and stuffiness of the city.
Eco-Friendly Interior by Katrina Antonovich
Eco-Friendly Interior by Katrina Antonovich

Responsibility to the environment, naturalness and uniqueness have made eco-design and eco-friendly interior a mega-popular trend. Nowadays, you can often find labels like “100% natural”, “eco-friendly”, “green”, which attract the attention of buyers who care about their health and do not want to participate in the pollution of our planet. But for Luxury Antonovich Design “eco-friendly interior” is not just another fashion. For all employees of our company, such design has become a real philosophy.

The direct creators of eco-friendly style are Scandinavian designers, who first guessed to use the naturalness of the material and the innovation of forms. Eco-friendly interior is made strictly from natural materials and is designed to give a feeling of unity with nature in people's houses. This interior style is characterized by a well-lit free space, the use of natural, environmentally friendly materials (stone, wood, natural fabrics with a pronounced texture, wallpaper made of paper and plant materials) and a warm color palette. People living in such an interior become kinder and calmer.

Color solutions in eco-friendly interior from Luxury Antonovich Design are very simple — using shades that exist in the natural environment. It can be shades of brown, deep green, beckoning blue or just light calm colors. There are no flashy shades here, as the interior in this style is designed to relax as much as possible. The interior of eco-friendly style is dominated by natural wood furniture, preferably from solid wood. It can be tables or stools from solid trunks, counter tops made of natural stone. The shapes are simple, the textures are natural. You can use rattan furniture — due to its texture, it facilitates the massiveness of the rest of the natural furniture.

Each element of the decor should emphasize the naturalness of the overall interior. It can be: green glass vases or clay pots, fresh flowers, wicker baskets. The eco style in interior implies that all decor, including plates, will refer to nature. Therefore, it is typical to use pottery of soft plain colors, simple textile made of cotton or linen, and wooden coasters.

Undoubtedly, the ecological style and eco-friendly interior design will be at the peak of popularity for a long time. After all, it refers us to the pristine — nature and our place in it. This style is ideal for those who are tired of the noise of big cities and want to find an island of peace, even among total urbanization.

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