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What's New in Lighting?


We at Luxury Antonovich Design know that lighting plays important role in the world of high design. We are talking about projects related to the interior for individual real estate, private houses, as well as hotels, restaurants, free spaces in commercial and shopping centers, offices. Lighting for interior and exterior decoration will always be the main element of the fundamental difference.

Lighting Design by Katrina Antonovich
Lighting Design by Katrina Antonovich

The designers of our company create spectacular lamps and chandeliers, experimenting with form and material. Laconic models do not lose ground, but are not so ascetic: simple lines connect with decorative elements. In addition to glass and metal, the authors use ceramics, wood, travertine, acrylic, polymer resins and textile fringe. New modern models are expressive both when the light is on and off.


A well-chosen designer chandelier or lamp can significantly affect the harmony and comfort of the room. In a process of lighting design, it is very important to correctly place the light sources, it does not matter whether it is a chandelier, a sconce or a table lamp. By breaking the room into different light zones, you will achieve convenient and comfortable lighting. It is worth noting that lighting fixtures can realize the effect of focusing attention, for example, by installing a stylish floor lamp in the corner of the room or by placing an extravagant designer chandelier in the center of the ceiling.

Variable color temperature, architectural light, non-standard recessed lights and a dozen other new products are gradually becoming familiar with fashionable interiors:

Before you buy a designer chandelier, make sure that it is suitable for your interior, that the type, shape or its color will not violate the general design concept of the room. Consider the design lamp you like from the technical and practical side, consider its size and power, the light from it should be sufficient and comfortable. Use dimmers — they will allow you to control the lighting by dimming it, or, conversely, making the light bright. Do not be afraid to use the latest LED and other technologies. If necessary, consult our Luxury Antonovich Design specialist in lighting design or visit our specialized lighting salon.

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