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Why White Wall Color is a Popular Choice in Living Room Interior


White walls may be cleverly used to open up a space in addition to being a design trend for clean, spacious spaces. By blending crisp white paint with organic-colored furniture, the leading interior design firm in Miami, the Antonovich Group, enhances the look of this living room interior without compromising the warmth of earthy tones. Stick to neutral color choices in smaller spaces, such as tan leather, wood, and woven textures, to avoid overusing more vibrant furnishings. Translucent, plain white window treatments allow more light to enter the space, creating the impression that it is brighter.

Throw away the old blinds and blackout curtains that came with your flat since sheer or woven curtains still provide adequate privacy without fully darkening your room. This is especially important for windows with south and west exposures, which get the greatest natural light. Layered lighting combines an above source with lights that are at eye levels, such as lamps, sconces, and eye-catching table accessories. To create visual appeal at this speed, we use a range of light intensities. A large mirror draws attention to the room's tall ceilings while a globe light illuminates the room's darkest corners.

If your luxury living room is restricted, go for translucent furnishings that could practically disappear in the space. Items made of glass, lucite, or acrylic that have gleaming surfaces and a sleek finish exude elegance. To create a contemporary design that spruces up awkward areas without popping out against bright walls, furniture works best when coupled with your favorite colored accessories and natural accents.

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