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We always keep the natural design and structure of a conventional hammam design while making it more aesthetically appealing by using various mosaic design modes and styles. When it comes to hammam interior design and fit-out, Luxury Antonovich Design has an in-house staff that is quite knowledgeable. As a result, every hammam design project carried out by Luxury Antonovich Design always creates the most outstanding interior atmosphere, which pleases all hammam owners. For a more successful interior designing approach, we also provide complete services and manufacture for the whole hammam design, equipment, and materials.


This hammam mixes Turkish tradition with contemporary Western perspectives. Because it is part of a high-end wellness resort, it is the main focus of the spa experience. The architectural elements, which are complemented by contemporary and historic accents, combine to create a sense of peace and relaxation. It has a monochrome color scheme, minimal details, and hand-picked items and materials.

Hestia created a hammam as part of a high-end spa resort, blending Turkish heritage with modern Western preferences. It's the center of the spa experience, with a soothing routine that incorporates various types of water and air at varying temperatures.

Guests enter the softly lit space by an unobtrusive entrance composed of hand-carved natural stone, concrete, and soft marble finishes. The architectural elements of the room work together to produce a sense of calm and relaxation.

The heated marble slab in the center of the room is the main point of the space, which is lit by sunshine during the day and cooled by moonlight at night owing to a large skylight. The tone and appearance of the area change throughout the day depending on the sun and moon's position, delivering an ever-changing experience.

The materials were chosen with a focus on tactility and how they interact with moisture, shadow, and light, and a consistent, basic palette was used throughout.

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