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Tips to Achieve a Contemporary Sitting Room


Even if you don't consider yourself a "modern person," contemporary living room ideas are always enjoyable to contemplate and may inspire your designing choices – whether your choice of interior design aesthetic is Art Deco, Mid-Century, or Period. The first question is: what is a modern design, exactly? What distinguishes this place as modern? Then there's the question of what constitutes it. What are some of the ways you may use it in your living room? Modern interiors are typically assumed to be ultra-minimalist, with plenty of razor-sharp lines, graphic patterns, and high-shine materials and surfaces. It is described as lively and bold. It's lauded for pushing the envelope and mastering light and reflection. It's been panned for being cold and clinical.

All of these things are true of sitting room design, but there are many more levels to it. It is a design movement that is current and represents a departure from traditional ornamentation. From Neoclassical and Rococo to Mid-Century and Shaker, there's a steady wobble between living room decoration and bare, curves and straight lines, and intricate carvings vs geometric cut-outs as you go through the ages of interior design styles and influences.

A modern living room design can encompass a variety of features. You may also bring in simply one or two of-the-moment inspirations if you want to create a more diverse space with only the occasional contemporary-style object. Remember that a modern living room is not the same as a contemporary living room. Modern design is associated with the early twentieth century and, as a result, is considerably less flexible. Modern is an umbrella word that encompasses what became known as Mid-century modernism and then Post-modernism.

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