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Pure white elegance - a theme that is hard to maintain because of its risky color. It is something that is made for mansions and townhouses that has a huge maintenance team. Every design that is in white color should be maintained in a proper manner because it tends to be dirty and can easily get worn out. White elegance is unique. Having a white theme interior design would be a lovely feat for a luxury dining room design because it serves cleanliness, elegance, and luxury. With white colors, you will have a nice and clean atmosphere in your room. In can liven up a place by its minimalist white colors. The design should be done properly and it should be executed well because white is not an easy color to work with. White can create a huge impact on your interior. White can also be a huge accent to your place. White can also become a huge creatives endeavor for anyone’s house. However, white can also be hard to deliver because as mentioned above; white is hard to keep up with because of its light color. On the brighter side, white can help the other colors pop. If you put amazing other colors against white, you can have a huge vibrant room of interior design full of personality and powerful colors.


Luxury Antonovich Design used black and white to amplify the beauty in the luxury dining room design ideas. The combination of these two absences of colors is cool to look at and it also creates a vibe of beauty and elegance. The black and white colors make a minimalist classical atmosphere to anyone’s room. When putting together, this color combination is a solid choice if you wish to have a room with luxury:

Red and brown are also a solid choice for interior design. Luxury Antonovich Design has perfected this color from any shade of it. The designs of the furniture in this interior design have a magnificent atmosphere from chairs to tables and to the flooring to the walls. Each furniture is delivered perfectly with its beautiful shade of brown, red and dark colors. Luxury Antonovich Design can come up with the best color combination for your room. We do not stop from interior design and we continue to create the most magnificent furniture designs to delivery top-notch royal house design quality for every rich family in the city. Message us today to see our newest deals and hottest selections of furniture arrangement. All personalized and customized for the richest in the neighborhood. Message us today and we will tell you our latest designs and most beautiful creations.

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