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Roberto Cavalli Home

Modern Luxury Furniture – Made with Style and Sophistication

Luxury Antonovich Design is very glad to represent the Roberto Cavalli Home Collection has been very famous for its very unique and exotic style. Every Masterpiece brings an extra sophistication and elegance that provides the best distinctive aspect to the full interior design set up. Indeed, Roberto Cavalli Brand has become always the first choice of every international interior designer as part of every project that they are handling as it embodies the natural art and appeals effortlessly. Every Luxury Home and Luxury Apartment that has been inspired by Roberto Cavalli style has a special touch of modernity and trendy style. Though each Furniture Piece has a customized design and sizes, these collection is always applicable for the Luxury home and Luxury Apartment every for a different luxury hotel that has a wider space and areas to occupy the full stylish design set. Roberto Cavalli's brand can never compromise the quality and taste as it has been very well crafted artistically and creativity. This very unique luxury furniture design collection has a very distinctive decorative sensitivity and, based on successful art adventure that has led to an understanding of the emerging trends.


Luxury Furniture Design main objective: the harmonization of the present Art and Style

This Luxury Furniture Brand has been selected by the Luxury Antonovich Design Team as part of its purpose to present one of the most iconic styles of exotic beauty in every art piece with the full furniture design. With a great combination of harmonizing modern artistic shapes and finest finishing every interior design setting will surely achieve the perfect enhancement style. With the great set of professional design adjustments that referred from the classic decorative elements, which are then re-interpreted into new, original combinations. Indeed the Luxury interior design has the new face of elegance that shines more artistically and prestigious as it provides an impression of the fine harmony between the mood of contemporary life, which, however, still maintains a strong connection with the decorations of the past. Every piece was truly appealing which will surely amaze both lovers of past times and those who are interested in modern design. Roberto Cavalli Home Luxury furniture is very famous for its distinctive look by using strong colors that blends with metallic and velvet materials. The uniqueness of the resources is obvious at first glance. Having very bold and artistic curves of fine lining always bring out interesting details.

Luxury Antonovich Design is always prioritizing the great emphasis on the sophistication of every luxury Furniture design, which can be represented by the luxury composition of every material and finest finishing  wherein the great relaxation for every client will be raised to an even more luxurious home interior level.

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