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Splendid Apartment Interior Design Dubai

Authors of a project from a studio Luxury Antonovich Design have created apartment interior design, which you can easily compare with a royal luxury of a palace. In a cozy living room tenderness and warmth of home comfort reign. In a modern interior trend towards unification of spaces is becoming more and more popular. The living room looks quite harmonious with a dining area. As a rule, the dining area is located at the window, to enjoy fine dining, enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window. The luxurious apartment interior gives no less refined aesthetic pleasure, which corresponds to a perfect canons of modern classics. Ceiling design is quite traditional. Elegant stucco and elegant chandelier, as well as a wide molding that outlines the ceiling around the perimeter look great. For the decoration of the walls in the living room interior designers offered luxurious silk wallpaper with delicate lace ornaments. Furniture is upholstered in noble silk and velvet. Dining room is separated from the rest of the apartment with fine doors made of transparent glass with elaborate patterns. Interior designers Dubai didn't miss such a constant attribute of the hearth, like a fireplace. Luxurious fireplace of white marble looks especially well, thanks to wall decor in the form of a large panel with a mirror facet. The kitchen has an exquisite image and excellent functionality. The white facades of kitchen furniture, which are inlaid with gold carved decor, contrast elegantly with working surfaces of dark natural marble.

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