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Penthouse interior design in Dubai

Penthouse interior design in Dubai is full of spectacular designs in the best traditions of Art Deco style with bright accents of visionary. Interior designers skillfully arranged the space and highlighted the benefits of architectural layout of the apartment. Spacious living room occupies most of the apartment. Every detail of the interior underlines the high status of the owners of the apartment, their great taste, also kindness and hospitality. The highlight of the fascinating story interior became luxury and comfortable living room. Spacious apartment with a semicircular portal, large windows are filled with a light mood romance. Interior designers beautifully combine time-tested traditions and modern technology. Ceiling design represents how luxury and unique an interior can be, that is created when taking into account the capabilities of the latest world technologies. The author filled the interior with festive mood by multifaceted decor with various materials and methods of illumination, as well as a luxurious chandelier. Floor design picks up the theme of the ceiling decoration. On the floor from several species of marble and mosaic tile designers create the correct form of the circle, which repeated outlines of niches in the ceiling. Windows are draped with concise curtains from the softest creamy velvet. The walls decor blends harmoniously with soft wall panels, natural marble finish, carved decorations and charming half-columns with pearl belts. Interior Designers Dubai make apartments even more expressive, fill every room with exclusive decor.

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