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Cozy Apartments in Dubai Marina

Easy mood of warmth and comfort that has been made by interior designers in the unique apartment project charms and delights. Apartment design in essence became a luxurious mix of modern classics and art deco. And bright character of the apartment interior is based on bright interior solutions. Interior Design Dubai invariably combines familiar to us interior details and innovative solutions. The basis of a bright image of the apartment project is a living room interior. The room is full of charm, which subtly repeated image of a charming lady. The basis of a cozy living room is luxurious furniture. Soft sofas upholstered in silk velvet of delicate creamy colour. Soft chairs by the fireplace are upholstered in velvet of juicy lilac shade. This game of contrasts gives the interior an additional charm. Curtains design picks up these charming motifs. The windows are decorated with silk curtains of noble cream and purple. Ceiling decor complements the room with shine and glamor. LED lighting in interiors becomes more traditional. Using it along with traditional chandeliers, interior designers Dubai make images of projects more stylish and expressive. In the walls decor there is a charming contrast. And not only colors contrast, but materials and textures that designers offered for decoration. Soft velvet wall panel not only decorates the interior, but also is a wonderful way of sound insulation. A wall decor of natural marble emphasizes the respectability of the apartment.

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