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The Luxurious Classic House Design by Katrina Antonovich

Luxury Antonovich Design combines every Wonderful work of Art of every Luxurious Classic House Design with the business approach that guarantees a high-level services presentation. All the project conception shall be executed in 3D Design which allows you to look at each Luxurious Classic House Design feature virtually before its execution.  This is an exclusive option completely at our studio. One of the main instructions in the interior execution is the furniture implementations and delivery. Luxury Antonovich Design will select the furniture exactly according to the design project. The Full forced team will provide a scheme of furniture arrangement throughout the full House Design. For the premium interior House Design, we develop unique furniture design. The best specialists in the world famous factories produce furniture items according to our designer's sketches. 

Developments and House Design include:

- Concept development

- Sketch development

- Space planning

- Project visualization with the help of the latest software in the world

- Preparation of all necessary drawings

- Author's supervision

- Selection and calculation of furniture and decoration materials, light. 

The composition of a Classical House Design on its Best

This very Luxurious Classic House Design was indeed another Work of art that something to be proud of my entire Team. From the very systematic Developments and Implementations that have been delivered on this Project, it has been successfully brought up on its best result. All the Materials and Furniture’s that have been used are made up of Premium class from the Trusted Suppliers and Companies from Turkey, Italy, and UAE. The very Detailed linings and decorations from the ceiling have been perfectly blended the very Elegant Chandelier design. The walls and floors design are very well coordinated as it has been completed with very nice gold linings and design. Every dining chairs and soda set, as well as the Curtains, has been completed with a high class of fabrics.

Working with a great inspiration and passion through every work is such a great profitable and comfortable experience for every part of the Team. We care about customers and offer perfect solutions at each stage of the work.

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