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Luxurious Apartment Interior Design

The interior design of the elite apartment is designed in the style of Art Deco with charming touches of neoclassicism and modern style. The modern design of the interior, which is offered to its customers by the studio Luxury Antonovich Design reflects not just fashion trends in one or another stylistic direction but also sets a mood for future fashion trends. The peculiarity of this project was the variety of materials, hues, and textures that the designers of the studio in Nairobi very harmoniously intertwine and create a solid and artistically expressive image. Noble textiles, natural leather, gilding, onyx, marble, the natural wood of valuable species. All this plays in a single orchestra of smart, noble and cozy luxury. The interior can be viewed endlessly, each time finding for itself something new and beautiful. For example, a three-dimensional 3D panel in the living room, which shimmers with pearly brilliance, will each time play with new highlights of light and shade depending on the lighting. In general, interior lighting in the project of an elite apartment in Kenya plays a special role. Interior designers with the help of lighting place their accents in different parts of the apartment. This is the illumination of the open shelves made of natural wood, and a luxurious onyx panel with lighting and an original ceiling design that combines different lighting methods. The rich decor gives the apartment's interior a special charm of the luxurious space. It perfectly reflects the depth and understanding of the essence of the life style of the owners of this apartment. It is a cheerful, optimistic and incredibly beautiful interior.

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