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Luxurious Apartment Design Idea


For some apartments, bringing nature inside the home can be a challenge. But in this luxury apartment interior design that Luxury Antonovich Design has created it's not a problem at all. The home decor was carefully designed to achieve a unique outdoor vibe inside the luxury apartment interior design. Located in New York, the apartment is a modern contemporary interior.

Tall curtains open up the huge windows, beautiful plants create a sense of mother earth, while the walls add to the sophisticated look of the luxury apartment interior design. As you are welcomed by the tall plants, the luxury apartment interior design has every detail that you need in order to feel at home and at the same time feel the wonderful outdoors. 

The beautiful artworks were also placed in the hallway to add to the adventurous ambiance of the luxury apartment interior design. The layout is huge with enough space to move around from the living area to the dining room. The bedroom is likewise designed with the same theme.

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