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Orpheo Furniture Collection – A Great Sense of Style and Luxury


Luxury Antonovich Design is proudly introducing the Orpheo Furniture Collection as part of the Elledue Furniture Line from Italy. Orpheo Furniture Design Collection is known as the Luxurious and stylish collection of Furniture which is made up of prestigious materials and premium class fabrics and silk as the final finishing of every piece. Every Luxurious piece is perfectly crafted from solid natural wood. One of the greatest asset and unique feature of the Orpheo Furniture Collection is the outstanding quality in Upholstery - textiles. Orpheo Furniture Collection is a perfect choice for a living room in both classic and contemporary styles. As it has the special touch Luxury Style with great attention to more stylish and colorful detail that makes each furniture more unique and trendy.

The Production team and Furniture Designers are always doing an advanced study and that will be replenishing the product catalog and furniture assortment that we can offer and represented in the most ideal feature and composition. Orpheo Furniture is using a chromed metal as a base of the furniture to make sure that every piece has a very outstanding material and composition. Furniture designers have become more playful and adventurous when it comes to the design and color selection for the Orpheo furniture collection with the best quality of the textile. Every piece has been featuring different types of design and furniture art from the modest, semi-circular back smoothly into the armrests. Orpheo Furniture design collection is a perfect choice for every stylish living room with a contemporary and modern style.

Orpheo Furniture Collection is a compilation of Luxury Furniture with great representation and sense of style and beauty in every part of the piece. Every detail has been carefully crafted by the professional production team that has full attention in every carvings and detail of each masterpiece.

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