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A bachelor pad is usually on the darker side and has a minimalist style. Luxury Antonovich Design has perfected this style with its amazing team of talented interior designers. In this luxury office interior design, the details are kept in a very modern way. The colors are muted and neutral giving this room a breath of fresh air. The cool tones of brown are a standout. Different shades were utilized in order to achieve a relaxing ambiance to this luxury office interior design.

The furniture designs were also beautifully made. The chair is very ergonomic and relaxing, while the table has a cabinet where you can store your important files. The luxury office interior design also has a nice design in its walls. The glossy finish is a sure way to make you feel luxurious. The luxury office interior design also has a high ceiling wherein it gives a bigger and larger space to your office. Working here would be so perfect as it has all the necessities of a perfect luxury office modern interior design

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