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 Selecting hues and every material that will fill in an apartment interior design is very important to conduct. Since that the interior spaces for apartment units have limited space, maximizing every interior area is very much advisable to be able to achieve the most functional and stylish design. Most of the apartment interior design is preferred to be decorated in a modern style concept as it is usually located at the center of the city and other business establishments. Most of the clients which are requiring interior design development for luxury apartments are usually bachelors, elite personalities, businessmen, and another carrier-oriented individuals. They are tent to choose to live in the city that is near to their workplace and other personal activities that they are committed to. In this article, Luxury Antonovich design has shared one of its elite apartment interior designs and hoe it has been very well decorated in a modern – luxury design interior.

Having neutral hues in every concrete wall, ceiling, and flooring design will contribute an amazing design result as it creates a visually pleasant to make every room look more spacious. Luxury Antonovich The design has installed a different set of elegant wall panels and decorations that creates an extra-luxurious effect in the interior. The Luxury Antonovich Design team has also selected each furniture design and decoration in the most meticulous procedure to achieve the perfect balance of style and elegance towards every interior area.


This apartment is quite spacious as it has several sets of bedrooms which require a very classy interior design mood. Since that the apartment is in a luxurious mood, Luxury Antonovich Design has managed to perform a hotel-like bedroom interior setting which is filled with the most exquisite furniture setting and decorations that give the perfect mood of coziness. Bedrooms should be the most comfortable and pleasant part of the apartment, that is why Luxury Antonovich Design assures to perform the most relaxing atmosphere in every bedroom interior inside this amazing apartment.



To achieve consistency in style, Luxury Antonovich Design always assures to perform an even interior design concept for every bedroom with the attached bathrooms. Performing a consistent design concept for the entire apartment interior will surely level up the elegance and luxuriousness of the style. For limited spaces such as the powder room which is usually located next to the living room, keep in mind that there is nothing wrong to create a minimalist interior setting to make it more functional and convenient. 

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