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Luxury House Design in California


Most of the prestigious residential areas in the USA are nestled in California. As it is one of the prime locations in America, California is indeed a great place where to have a very exclusive life, which is a top recommended for families. Most of the VIPs and elite personalities are living in California most especially to those who are being related to the business and entertainment industry. Different prestigious residential areas are in California which has very high standards when it comes to architecture and interior design. Over many years of international experiences in developing world-class villas in the world, Luxury Antonovich Design has accomplished a different set of luxury design residential projects in California. This amazing interior design is one of the most prestigious and unique interior settings that has been very well conducted by the Luxury Antonovich Design Team.

With a great combination of luxury design and elegance, this prestigious house has been very well decorated with the most amazing furniture design and decorations that will in the best exquisite arrangement. Luxury Antonovich Design has been perfectly styled and installed customized chandeliers which are all made up of very unique pieces and cuts of crystals that only Luxury Antonovich Design can do. Each extra huge customized chandelier is perfectly aligned and enhances with a perfect lighting setup that creates the most remarkable ceiling arrangement. To have a very remarkable interior design setting, Luxury Antonovich Design has implemented a different set of wall paneling and decorations to enhance the interior mood and stick to its concept. Instead of normal wall paint, Luxury Antonovich Design has installed a different set of stylish wall paneling, wall decorations, and wall lighting that absolutely emphasize the greatness of style and elegance. The presence of solid hardwood materials in dark brown compliments the hues of every furniture design and decoration in beige color.



Due to continuing support and patronage of international clients especially in the USA, Luxury Antonovich Design Company has been operating its own office branch located in Miami Florida, USA. Clients in The USA can easily communicate and coordinate with the high-caliber professional team which is operating in the country. When it comes to a full solution required in developing a luxury house in California and wherever part of the USA, Luxury Antonovich Design is absolutely the best architecture and interior design company that will bring out the best design execution exactly according to every design requirement of the client.  

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