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Luxurious Bedroom Design



A perfect form of elegance filled with the most prestigious decoration, this is how this bedroom interior design has been successfully created by the Luxury Antonovich Design. The interior design team has remained focus on developing the bedroom interior design by maximizing the spaces to achieve the most pleasant atmosphere. Each furniture design is made up of premium class materials and the finest finishing which has very exclusive design details. Luxury Antonovich Design has is very well known as the best provider of unique furniture design by producing all types of customized furniture design.

When it comes to the lighting setup, the Luxury Antonovich design has been selected as the most stylish chandeliers that match the mood of the bedroom. The ceiling is filled with the perfect alignment of lighting that brings the right blend of brightness towards the entire bedroom interior. A detailed form of carvings towards the walls creates an extra exquisite design that perfectly matches with the selected wallpaper towards the headboard of the bed. Luxury Antonovich Design has selected the best bed design as it has to be the main attraction in the entire bedroom interior. Every hues, texture, and material that has been used in this luxury bedroom interior has been very well selected according to the mood and style that the client requires. What makes this bedroom interior design extra luxurious is how the furniture design has been very well selected that perfectly suits the concept design.

This bedroom has limited space provided, however, with the great executions in space planning procedure, Luxury Antonovich Design has maximized the bedroom areas and create a very functional interior that makes the bedroom looks wider. Luxury Antonovich design always works with great professionalism and expert solution that always exceeded every client’s satisfaction. Luxury Antonovich Design team will absolutely bring out the best bedroom interior design with the highest standards and exceptional design. 

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