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Nothing can be more satisfying than staying in a hotel suite which is filled with a warm and cozy atmosphere. Most of the bachelors and even families are recently enjoying some luxury promotions in every hotel for a short weekend getaway or a family holiday vacation which was indeed a very nice leisure experience. We often were dreaming of having our own luxury bedroom design just like what hotels do as it is filled with very wonderful decorations and style which satisfies our wellness. In this article, the top luxury interior design company – Luxury Antonovich Design will bring up great news on how to bring a dream hotel-like bedroom interior design into the comfort of our home.

Luxury Antonovich Design Company has its in-house top professionals and skilled team which never stops on learning new knowledge and ideas on how to bring every client dream interior design into reality. Since the Luxury Antonovich Design Company has been working with the elite personalities and worlds to royalties that always demand these world architecture and interior design implementations. One of the recent bedroom interior design executions of Luxury Antonovich Design is for a luxurious guest bedroom interior design with a detailed requirement which is near likely as a hotel bedroom design. This amazing bedroom interior has a very minimal requirement when it comes to the hues selection which contains a combination of neutral palettes such as a satin white, gold, and light grey which has been very well resulted in a very classy and stylish interior design comparable to every luxury hotel suites mood. Even though the bedroom has a very spacious area, Luxury Antonovich Design manages to maximize the spaces to avoid any design congestion. This hotel-like bedroom interior design has gone through a very systematic space planning procedure to achieve the perfect balance in style. As the main feature of this bedroom, Luxury Antonovich Design has selected a classy modern style bed which is filled with the finest fabrics and pillows design, all made up of premium class materials. A very nice set up of wall paneling has been meticulously arranged which is also stands as the headboard of a very luxurious bed. On both sides is an artistic and classy glass material with a gold metallic lining that creates a more fabulous décor. A two circular bedside table with classy lamps has been placed and perfectly matches the bed design. For a more hotel-like interior design setting, Luxury Antonovich Design level up every wall design with nice details and hanging different decorations and artwork. And just like a luxury hotel bedroom, this elegant guest bedroom interior design has fully carpeted flooring made up of the highest quality and style.

Having a huge window next to the bed doesn’t give any burden to achieve the perfect form of coziness, as it has been perfectly covered with the finest curtain and shades design made up of premium class fabrics. The curtain will give a fully blocking effect when needed. When it comes to the ceiling design, Luxury Antonovich Design has selected a very classy and elegant lighting arrangement wherein every edge of the ceiling has a gold metalic lining that gives an extra glam and luxury design. Lastly, to achieve the perfect form of a  hotel-like bedroom interior design, Luxury Antonovich Design has been selected as a harmonious chandelier design with a fluted design and gold metalic base. 

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