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Fashionable bedroom

Chic and classy bedroom interior design

The ideal bedroom interior design always has to be stylish and cozy. However, there is mostly a misconception of having a stylish bedroom interior design. Clients/ property owners always think that having a classy and luxurious bedroom interior design will always lead to very satisfying results, what is usually missed is the root of how to achieve the perfect desired bedroom interior design. In this article, Luxury Antonovich Design – top luxury architecture and interior design Company international has shared one of the amazing bedroom interior design implementations that have been very well accomplished with full of glam and stylish design.

This bedroom interior design has a spacious layout which has become such a great advantage for the Luxury Antonovich Design team to perform the desirable interior design presentation and arrangement of every furniture that will bring out the most sophisticated interior mood. It is always very important to consider the personality and lifestyle of the bedroom owner or occupant to be able to achieve the most desired interior design arrangement wherein they will feel the real calmness and a very relaxing mood towards the full interior. Even the bedroom has a spacious area, it is always a must to start every development with systematic planning towards the entire space of the bedroom that will create the right balance and a functional interior set up. This luxurious bedroom interior design has achieved the finest chic and classy design by having a great combination of pink, baby pink, beige, white and metallic gold details. Instead of using a normal paint, Luxury Antonovich Design has installed a set of wall paneling set up which has been perfectly combined with different artistic wall decorations. What is the most magical with this bedroom, interior design is how Luxury Antonovich Design has performed the amazing bed setting by extending the chic design towards the wall against the headboard with hand-painted cherry blossom branches that look very stunning. Since that the bedroom has a spacious interior design set up, Luxury Antonovich Design manages arranges a petite sitting area at the other side of the bedroom that creates a very fancy look.

This chic and classy bedroom interior design also presenting very skillful joinery works by having its own wardrobe area which has been composed of very stylish joinery made up of fully high quality and premium class materials. Even the doors and gypsum design has a very fascinating design arrangement that levels up the entire bedroom interior design. This luxurious bedroom interior design has a very classy and trendy set of lighting which perfectly emphasized the magnificent set of chandeliers which perfectly matches the entire bedroom interior design in a chic and classy style

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