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Family Sitting Room Design

A Luxurious Family Sitting Area

Luxury Antonovich Design has been very famous in International Architectural and Interior Designing World for Creating a Superb and Luxurious Architectural and Interior Design. With its perfect deliberation of Global Competitive Work of art that has been created, no doubt that Luxury Antonovich Design is the top Leading Architectural and Interior Designing Firm all over the world. As its main goal and inspiration is to provide and flawlessly delivered all the Solutions according to every Client’s needs. Making Client’s Dream Come true has been always the Team’s Great pleasure to perfectly execute.

A Creation of a World Class Interior Design

Interior Designing is one of the most challenging Job which is very in demand on the international Market recently. Luxury Antonovich design has the highest standards in selecting the most Professional and skilled Interior Designers to be able to accurately perform all the World Class task that is being required towards every Work. This Luxurious Family Sitting Area Design has been created by Luxury Antonovich Interior Design Team which have carefully done a very systematically developments and organizing all the main specific design to be able to properly execute. From the ceiling design and decoration, everyone can immediately recognize how very detailed and comprehensive that the carvings and palettes has been accomplished. Having a very nice combination of detailed gold linings, elegant chandelier and very wonderful backlights that has been completed the very luxurious result. A very stylish and unique indoor balustrade gives up a very nice decoration for the entire sitting area. The walls decoration and design was indeed very exceptional, combining it with a very nice golden design of gypsum and the very nice arrangement of a trendy Mirror. As a main attraction of this Family sitting Area, Our Interior Designing Team has been selected an exclusive Design for the sofa set with a high quality of fabrics with the perfect match with the Carpet design and Curtains. A transparent elegant glass center table completed this Wonderful Family sitting Area. Creating an Exclusive World Class design has been always a Great privilege for the Entire Team of Luxury Antonovich Design. Bringing out all the best and Luxurious Interior designing towards every work has been always the main goal to be able to conduct and well executed the World Class Interior Designing.

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