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Elegant Apartment Design in Santa Monica


Luxury has always been a dream of many and living in a chill and calm city is a goal of most people. In this luxury apartment interior design in Santa Monica, the talented interior designers of Luxury Antonovich Design have designed a theme wherein luxury is met with modernism. California is a chill city and having an interior design like this one will be a standout in the neighborhood. The gorgeous cabinetry and television rack are very minimalist with their beautiful sleek details. The chandelier is playful which gives an abstract look.

The center table and sofa provide enough relaxation to talk and bond with each other. The luxury apartment interior design also has an elegant dining room that connects to the living room.  Likewise, the luxury apartment interior design has bedrooms that are super unique and glamorous. The lush cream bedroom is one of a kind with its beautiful fabric bedding that feels very chic and glamorous. The walls likewise are a good addition to the luxury apartment interior design.

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