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How to Select the Perfect Materials for the Cabinetry and storage for the Dressing room?

The Luxury Antonovich Design Team has been taken the most important for in every dressing area to have certain elements that can provide ease when getting ready. Sufficient cabinetry space can provide elegant storage solutions for clothing, shoes and personal items that will result in a very organized look of the entire area. Though some of the dressing room preferred to have small square footage high ceilings will utilize open, running cabinetry to make the best use of the area. The Interior design team has been made up built-in cabinets, decorative materials or freestanding dressers are sensible, yet upscale options. The Luxury Antonovich Design team provides diverse units that help organize different types of clothes. Carefully consider whether you prefer hanging or folding your garments, not forgetting storage for shoes, handbags, swimwear, and accessories, as these are often the most inspiring to put away neatly. Shelves instead of drawers for the clothes are a good solution, using dividers and designated sections to keep your clothes in a neat quantity.

Dressing Room Interior Design and Development include:

- Concept development
- Sketch development
- Project visualization with the help of the latest software in the world
- Preparation of all necessary drawings
- Selection and calculation of furniture and decoration materials, light.

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