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In some respects, building a modern home feels "old hat." We have a wide range of tools at our disposal that may be used to build a modern, streamlined home. What about the outside of our house, especially the landscaping? Sometimes we neglect the exterior of our homes, allowing the interior to express our own preferences. In our opinion, your sense of style should shout from the rooftops to get people's attention. Your landscape design is the best method to convey your unique style and what guests can expect inside before they ever enter your doors. Everything has a place in a modern home and stays there. Clear lines are preferred over cluttered spaces. These identical design principles should be used in your landscape as well. The opposite of a modern landscape is an English garden, where it is considered lovely to let plants grow wild and take over. 

Zones in contemporary landscaping are clear and well-defined. Most other landscape designs fall short of the charming, unique, and pristine appearance that a modern landscape may achieve. At this point, some of you might be feeling sorry for the contemporary world and thinking about how routine and controlled it is, but please keep reading. Squares, rectangles, circles, and triangles are just a few of the simple forms that are used in modern landscape design. These forms perform a number of tasks in addition to adding that sleek, modern look, such as assisting you in dividing off different areas of your garden and creating distinctive vignettes. For instance, you may take a straight stone path to a bench area outside that is surrounded by squared boxwood, then take a circular stepping stone path to a pool area outside, and so on. Geometry may be found in plants in addition to ground cover and stones. The bulk of modern houses has a subtly zen appearance. They offer a safe sanctuary, a tranquil setting where one may unwind and forget about the issues of the day. Your exterior scenery should undoubtedly reflect the same zen-like atmosphere.

A modern landscape design must include both ground cover and stone. They act as a way to categorize the surrounding area and direct attention from one outdoor "room" to another. For instance, a garden path or pond may have a simple border built of ground cedars that have been planted. Concrete may also be used to create a square, grid-like walkway that leads to a pool or pond. These elements can be used to merely unify the design; they don't necessarily need to guide you in a certain way. Consider including a straightforward, square sand garden and a few well-placed stones. Rake lines into the sand garden and swirl them around the stones to create a very zen, calm atmosphere. The photo that follows is a great example of how ground cover and stone may characterize a modern garden. As you can see, a contemporary garden has a lot of different elements, but it's actually rather simple to create a landscape that matches your current tastes. In fact, we think that much like the inside, the exterior of your home should always represent who you are. Just remember to incorporate lots of geometry, stone pathways, crisp, symmetrical lines, boundaries, and a touch of zen. Have you been successful in creating your own modern landscape? Please describe your plan of action for us.

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