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Professional Interior Designers and Architects always prioritize the Comfort over the style and design of every project most especially for every villa and other residential works. This is another reason why Luxury Antonovich Design always considers and respects every client’s requirements. The full team is always making sure that the client or the project owner always involves the step by step procedures and all stages of work developments. We always combine all the luxurious design ideas, the latest trends of interior designing technique and most importantly considering the personality and lifestyle of the owner. Every family has a very unique and special character that represents and reflects every client's status. We have been well executed an extra luxurious and artistic interior design from every edge, walls, gypsum works and a perfect lighting design arrangement that extends over the sides of the ceiling and special decorations in the walls. Take a look at the set of chandelier designs that we have been installed and realize how luxurious and stylish it has been matched.


We have created and well-executed a grandeur staircase design with the perfect selected metallic handrails design and very artistic curves and details. Indeed this project achieves the most welcoming elegance of the full entrance area. We have been installed different types of customized chandeliers and lighting design arrangements and a very creative dome roof design in the center. We have been selected as the best furniture design with a customized style and decoration. Every area in the full interior design has a very unique combination of creative materials and decorations as we have been carefully selected the best colors and hues that will still reflect the entire mood and concept design.

We have also implemented the smart home system with this the project which covers all areas of the house with the highest definition of the latest technologies most especially in the home theatre area that surrounds with the special lighting and sound effect and a very comfortable set of armchairs. For more entertainment, we have designed a very pleasant interior design set up for the game room with a billiard and hockey table for the family to enjoy with friends and guests.             


The Living Rooms and Sitting areas have the proper balance design in all spaces along with the very well selected decorations and accessories that embody a completely elegant interior design with full of style. When it comes to the bedroom areas we have prioritized selecting the most comfortable and relaxing style of furniture and completes decorations for a more functional area. We have the in-house professional joiner team that executed the complete joinery works with creativity and skillful design executions.  Luxury Antonovich Design will surely bring out the best luxurious Interior Design with Full of Elegance and Comfort.


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