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Being one of the most successful entrepreneurs, Katrina Antonovich manages to balance her focus and attention handling an international business that deals with architecture and interior design industry. With her great creativity and inspirational work of arts, Katrina Antonovich has indeed set the highest standard in the world of architecture and interior design. What keeps Katrina Antonovich remains on top is her greatest vision and philosophy providing the most prestigious projects internationally. Katrina Antonovich is very famous worldwide that aside from being the most Luxurious interior designer in the world, Katrina Antonovich has also kept making noise in different social media platforms, websites, magazines, and newspaper as she greatly supporting woman empowerment and different aspiring architects and interior designers. 

Katrina Antonovich has been always very vocal about prestigious design creations, in fact, she has also recently open to public her the widest collection of signature luxury furniture and decorations as she started to open her self-owned luxury furniture store which turns to be the biggest in Dubai. Every luxury design piece with her signature touches has been named after her called “KA Brand” wherein the widest collections of different luxury brands from Turkey and Italy. Katrina Antonovich has selected Dubai as the perfect location for her furniture store and head office as a major of the international clients id coming from the Middle East. Dubai has also become very dear to Katrina Antonovich as she fell in love with the culture and the people which has been continuously patronizing her style over decades already. Dubai has been also the center of business and diversity wherein breathtaking skyscrapers, and world-class architecture design can be found. Aside from the fact that Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world, this prestigious city is also the best place for every investor and businessman to build their empire either it is residential, commercial, or industrial as the opportunity never ends in this amazing city. 

To be able to manage international clients and projects, with a help of her ancestral, Katrina Antonovich is continuously operating offices branches located in the prime areas of the world such as Miami Florida USA and Astana Kazakhstan. Being the top interior designer of 2020, Katrina Antonovich always assures to continuously deliver exceptional work of art towards a prestigious project that the Luxury Antonovich Design will contribute to the global industry of architecture and interior design. 

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