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The design of the hall in a private houses and apartments where it is present is a special version of work, because such premises are not found in all dwellings and have their own characteristics. First of all, it is worth deciding on the meaning of the hall in modern design. If earlier this room had a purely technical function, today its characteristics and, accordingly, design options have expanded significantly. Luxury Antonovich Design, led by Katrina Antonovich, creates such spaces that you want to use them to the maximum, therefore we help to give the hall additional value.


The most important thing that we advise to take into account when decorating the hall is that all additional functional tasks, design elements and objects should not come to the fore and interfere with communications. Do not clutter up the hall space — all the main directions of movement should remain accessible.

The architects call the entrance zone or the hall “the face of the house”, therefore the parameters of the whole space, the style and the status of the interior are encoded and read in the interior of the hall, which you can order in our company.


The interior of the hall in Florida, made by Luxury Antonovich Design, is a collective image of the style of the house. Everything is perfect in its design — from luxury finishing materials to custom accessories. Of particular note is the furniture. It is minimal in this zone, but carries a huge aesthetic load — it forms a space. That is why we relate to the selection of furniture in the lobby with all the attention.

The most competent location of the hall is after a small hallway, in this case, the design of the hall can be specific and very effective. The design of this hall uses classical design techniques — stucco of gypsum on the ceiling, decorated columns in the interior, wooden panels on the walls, and the floor is accented with large-sized marble tiles. An important part of the interior of the hall is the furniture. Hall furniture in Florida was used in several mandatory positions: chest of drawers and console, sofa, armchair, bench. By choosing these subjects, architects and designers by Luxury Antonovich Design are guided by the style, design and quality of furniture. Our company specializes in the manufacture and supply of furniture of the highest class.

The entrance area allows you to use accent, spectacular design techniques: complex finishes, mosaic panels, stained-glass windows, accent furniture and designer lighting. Working on the design of halls, our architects create vivid visual accents using luxurious mirrors, original consoles, pouffes, and stylish accessories. Mirrors in the hall are an indispensable component of the interior, they significantly increase the space. Classic consoles with carved legs and a stone worktop adjoins the mirrored facet wall. Also, used in the design are decorative gypsum with mother-of-pearl, marble, royal columns. Luxury Antonovich Design interacts with the best designers who develop magnificent furniture products in all the variety of finishes, fabrics and design elements.

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