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Stunning Landscape Design in Florida


In Luxury Antonovich Design, we do the overall design so you don't need to stress over the little details. Our world-class company can do to any space. We can give a refreshed vibe to your outdoor area, and we do an extraordinary method for your superior and greater outside structure. Luxury Antonovich Design does it in an ideal manner. 

Extravagant landscape details

Luxury-looking and all the richness in the world. Our take in landscape configuration is out of the world. With plants that help give the lavish structures an exceptional style.  Much the same as different structures of Luxury Antonovich Design, this landscape design gives everything that a family needs. Accomplish your landscape space by consolidating our company to your landscape plans! For an exquisite look, we made sure that the landscape is clearly first class and world-class.

Outdoor pool

Our huge swimming pool resembles those in hotels in a luxurious city. We do customized pool to give the customer the relaxation that they need.  The superb pool invites any individual who might want to experience extravagance unwinding vibe. This open pool can suit huge social occasions. This design has a very family-accommodating plan that is perfect for special events.

Huge recreational area

We added a space where you can hold gatherings with companions, friends, and family. With our design, you can bond with your family with a very excellent vibe or appreciate the day while sitting together in the open zone. We are the best for extravagance, so reach us now and have a beautiful open area.


Our services are on top among USA's top personalities and our company is positioned among the best landscape designer for its portfolio. Our skilled planners lead the world in a different area, and we are famous in numerous different fields. Luxury Antonovich Design is a champion among the most settled and expansive providers of landscapes. We are focused on bringing the best structures, be it outdoor or indoor. Luxury Antonovich Design is a world leader in the United States of America. The company's emphasis on perfection in the outdoor plan guarantees its customers that they get the best, solid and steady landscapes to address their necessities. Luxury Antonovich Design makes the fantasies of its customers feasible by delivering landscapes that are beautiful, by delivering services with staff that is known over the world. 

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